Safety Risk Management

  • The Orleans/Niagara BOCES Safety Risk Management Staff is responsible for the development, implementation and review of programs designed to protect our students, faculty, facilities and the environment. 



    AHERA Asbestos Management Plan

    • Provides 2-hour awareness training for all new custodial/maintenance employees within 60 days of hire
    • Conducts triennial asbestos inspections and prepares reports for NYSED
    • Performs asbestos periodic surveillance every 6 months / includes updating records
    • Review and update the written plan 
    • Conducts material sampling for analysis
    • Assists district in annual notification of availability of Asbestos Management Plan
    • Assists district in annual AHERA notification of condition of the asbestos-containing materials (ACM)
    • Coordinate asbestos training classes
    • Facilities yearly physical examination for individuals


    AED Manual

    • Review and update the written manual 
    • Facilitates AED/CPR training agreements with local certified training providers for district personnel
    • Facilitates AED/CPR training invoice paperwork for individual school districts
    • Coordinates service on AEDs and distributes equipment when needed


    Chemical Hygiene Plan

    • Review and update the written plan
    • Provides training for designated district personnel
    • Performs periodic safety inspection of chemical storage areas
    • Conducts annual inventory of all science chemical product
    • Coordinates removal and disposal of hazardous and waste chemicals
    • Management of Safety Data Sheet [SDS] records
    • Audits eye wash stations, drench showers and fume hoods


    Confined Space Plan

    • Evaluates and audits district spaces for application of Permit Required Confined Space Non-Entry Plan or Entry Plan 
    • Review and update the written plan
    • Assists in providing training for district personnel
    • Maintains all records as mandated by OSHA and NYSDOL/PESH
    • Conducts on site evaluation of confined spaces
    • Provides required safety equipment for entry work, retrieval and rescue


    District-Wide Safety Plan and Building Level School Emergency Response Plan

    • Review and update the District-Wide Safety Plan
    • Review and update the Building Level School Emergency Response Plan
    • Review and update districts' Quick Reference Guide
    • Coordinates required annual building evacuation and emergency drills
    • Provides liaison with appropriate emergency planning offices
    • Assists in developing a training program
    • Submit district’s Building Level School Emergency Response Plan to local, county, state law enforcement agencies and County Emergency Management offices as required or requested


    Electrically Operated Folding Partitions and Curtains

    • Perform inspections and generate inspection documents and certificates
    • Review inspection with appropriate school personnel


    Environmental Monitoring 

    • Coordinates and/or provides testing of:
      • Indoor air quality
      • Lead
      • Radon
      • Water
      • Asbestos
      • Sound/Noise
    • Utilization of specialized testing equipmen


    Exposure Control Plan

    • Review and update the written plan
    • Provides training for district personnel
    • Provides assistance for medical waste disposal


    Fire Prevention/Building Code

    • Performs annual NYSED Fire Inspections
    • Prepares fire inspection paperwork
    • Conducts required follow-up fire inspections if needed
    • Provides Compliance Awareness
    • Assists in training staff to identify and report potential hazards


    Hazard Communication Program/Right-to-Know

    • Review and update the written program
    • Provides inventories for art, custodial/maintenance, pool, pesticide, science, and technology/vocational classrooms
    • Management of Safety Data Sheet file system
    • Provides annual Right-to-Know training for all personnel
    • Provides to individual school buildings proper OSHA & NYSDOL Labor Law postings and assists with placement
    • Assists districts with NYSDOL/PESH inspections when needed


    Hearing Conservation Program

    • Review and update the written program
    • Assists with scheduling hearing tests and management of records
    • Testing and measurement of district equipment for excessive noise levels
    • Utilization of digital and analog noise dosimeter
    • Maintain all records as mandated by OSHA and NYSDOL/PESH


    Information/Education Programs

    • Provides informational material to disseminate to designated groups [ie; Newsletter]
    • Acts as a liaison between district and various regulatory agencies
    • Provides and assists in coordinating State Mandated certificated programs
    • Serves on Safety Committee and/or facilitates meetings


    Job Hazard Assessments

    • Review, update, and observe job classifications for potential workplace injuries
    • Writes, maintains, and review the Job Hazard Assessments annually
    • Provides employee proper personal protective equipment (PPE) training
    • Observes employees during work activities to ensure proper PPE analysis
    • Analysis determines PPE required to avoid injuries


    Lockout/Tagout Plan

    • Review and update the written plan
    • Assists with evaluation of applicable equipment
    • Provides training for pertinent district personnel
    • Performs annual audit of energy control procedures
    • Maintains all records as required


    Integrated Pest Management Program

    • Review and update the written program
    • Coordinates pesticide training classes
    • Prepares and submits Annual Report as mandated
    • Assists districts with record keeping of all pesticide/herbicide applications
    • Ensure district updates and maintains pesticide registry as part of the Neighbor Notification Law
    • Registers district as an agency with NYSDEC annually
    • Track pesticide applicator’s credit hours of training as mandated by NYSDEC


    Playground Safety Plan

    • Review and update the written plan
    • Inspects school district playgrounds
    • Write reports to identify safety concerns


    Pool Safety Plan

    • Review and update the written plan
    • Coordinates pool training classes
    • Performs and/or assists with internal inspection of district pools
    • Verify life safety equipment is in place
    • Act as a liaison to Orleans and Niagara County Health Departments
    • Submit district's plan to Orleans and Niagara County Health Departments as required or requested


    Respiratory Protection Plan

    • Review and update the written plan
    • Provides training for pertinent district personnel
    • Inspects respiratory protective equipment periodically 
    • Maintains all records as mandated by OSHA and NYSDOL/PESH
    • Coordinates annual physicals


    Safety Manual

    • Provides written overview of district's custodial/maintenance safety
    • List school safety procedures
    • Provides equipment safety procedures