• Mission Statement

    •I believe all students learn better by getting involved in hands-on experiences. I believe that this "putting into action" what the students have learned is essential so that the students will remember what they have learned by connecting it to the application. If you connect something that they are surrounded with with something that you are trying to teach them, I believe it will stay with them longer. By providing the students with the items that they need to apply what they are learning to real experiences, they will take it and apply it to many different experiences. This will cause them to take more risks and let them be able to try new ideas. Here at OLC we.....

    •Believe everyone has some thing to offer
    •Push students beyond their intellectual comfort zones;
    •Encourage critical and creative thinking;
    •Provide opportunities to become collaborative team members;
    •Assist students in becoming real-world problem solvers and decision makers;
    •Facilitate a sense of confidence through leadership opportunities and public speaking activities; and,
    •Promote experiences that foster independent thinking and learning.
    •Foster independent living skills
    •Practice real job skills
    •Positive Role Modles

     Children Learn What They Live
    by Dorothy Law Nolte, Ph. D.

    If children live with hostility,
    they learn to fight.
    If children live with ridicule,
    they learn to be shy.
    If children live with tolerance,
    they learn to be patient.
    If children live with encouragement,
    they learn confidence.
    If children live with praise,
    they learn to appreciate.
    If children live with fairness,
    they learn justice.
    If children live with security,
    they learn faith.
    If children live with approval,
    they learn to like themselves.
    If children live with acceptance, and friendship,
    they learn to find love in the world.