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    Service Coordinators workwith families to assess an individual's needs,helpthem obtain needed services and support,monitor these services in accordance with th Idividual Service Plan, and advocate for the individual.

    Service Coordination is usually covered under Medicaid. If a student does not have Medicaid,the provider usually tries to seek alternate methods of coverage. For those who are not eligible for Medicaid due to income ,a Service Coordinator can help the family apply for a Home and Community Based Waiver. For students under the age of 18, who live with their parents,and have a DevelopmentalDisability,this waver program eliminats parental income when determining Medicaid eligibility and only considers the resouces of the child. Once a sudent is 18 yrs. old, parental income is not a factor in determining eligibility for Medicaid.

    Note to parents and Guardians: Service Coordination can be very benificial to children of all ages. However , if your son or daughter will be transitioning from school to the world of adult services within the next few years, it is suggested that you begin to work with a Service Coordinator as soon as possible.A Service Coordinator is able to help with important information such as SSI or guardianship, provide linkages and referrals to an array of adult agencies in the community', and help with paperwork which sometimes make accessing the world of adult service providers a challenging task.

    Agencies which provide Service Coordination to individuals with Developmental Disabilities: ( You can select an agency in your county or a surrounding county.) Click on any web address below it will take you to that page.

    ARCof Orleans county(585)589-1750 www.arcoforleans.org

    Advocacy Center,Inc. (585)546-1700 or 1-800-650-4967 http://www.advocacycenter.com/

    Agape Parents' fellowship(716)827-5407 www.agapeparentsfellowship.org

    Aspire of WNY (716) 505-5830 www.aspirewny.org

    AutisticServices (716) 631-5777 www.autisticservices.org

    Baker VictoryServices (716) 828-9500 www.ourladyofvictory.org

    Cantalician Centerfor Learning (716) 874-0913 www.cantalician.org

    CBVH (Commission for the Blind and Visually Handicapped ) (716) 847-2180

    Community Mission (716) 285-3403 www.communitymissions.org

    Community Services for the Developmentally Disabled (716) 896-2180 www.csdd.info

    Epilepsy Association of WNY (716)883-5396 www.epilepsywny.org

    HeritageCenters (716)833-8601 www.heritagecenters.org

    HeritageChristian Services,inc. (716) 743-2020 www.heritagechristianservices.org

    Learning Disabilities Assoc.of WNY (716) 874 7200 www.ldaofwny.org

    Link Services Coordination,inc (716) 601-5406 www.linkSC.org

    Native American Community Services (716) 285-5658 www.nacswny.org

    Niagara Cerebral Palsy (716) 205-0021 www.niagaracp.org

    OpportunitiesUnlimited (716) 504-2625 www.opportunitiesunlimited.org

    People,Inc. (716) 632-4843 www.people-inc.org

    Rivershore,Inc.(716) 754-7272 www.rivershore.org

    SKIP of NY (716) 626-2222, www.skipofny.org (medically frail)

    Summit Educational Services (716) 629-3445 www.summited.org