Orleans/Niagara BOCES

       Orleans Learning Center


    Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,                                               


    It has come to my attention that the following reminders of expectations are needed:


    Clothing: All students are expected to give proper attention to cleanliness and to dress appropriately for school.


    The following are inappropriate due to their disruptive nature:

    • Muscle shirts, sagging pants, see-through apparel, bare midriffs/low cut shirts, skin-tight shorts/short shorts & short skirts.
    • Clothing with messages promoting drugs or alcohol, or with vulgar/obscene expressions.
    • Pajamas
    • Headgear such as hats, visors, bandanas, sunglasses
    • Pocket bandanas


    The following are inappropriate due to their unsafe nature:

    • Platform shoes, spiked heels, high heels
    • Any footwear lacking a back heel strap to secure the shoe to the foot
    • Chains or key chains loosely hanging
    • Clothing wrapped/tied around the neck or waist


    Any student wearing inappropriate clothing will cover-up/change the article of clothing deemed inappropriate.


    Cell Phones/CD Players/MP3 Players/Video Games: School is a place for learning. Any item which interferes with education is not permitted. These devices, if brought to school, should be given to a staff member for safe keeping during the school day. They will be returned at the end of the day.


    Consequences for students who persist in using these devices during the school day are:

    • Staff member will remind student of the expectation
    • Upon 2nd reminder, student will go to LOP and teacher will call their parent
    • Continued noncompliance will result in a formal disciplinary referral (ALC). In addition the parent will need to pick up the item from the teacher.



    If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at 478-4520.


    Thank you,

    Mrs. Macomber

    Coordinator of OLC