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    Freedom crossing

    Freedom Crossing


    We're reading the book Freedom crossing .It's a fictional story of a runaway slave boy.The story takes place in Lewiston, N.Y.. In October of 2009 a monument was put near the Niagara River to celebrate this area's role in the underground rail road.

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    Slavery was a reality in our country before the Civil War. Many slaves risked their lives for a chance to be free.
    For most, that meant traveling on the "Underground Railroad". This wasn't a railroad at all, but a chain of safe houses called "stations" and free citizens and escaped slaves, like Harriet Tubman,

    who were willing to transport and hide the "runners". Rewards were offered by slave owners for the return of their "property".

    Other people who were involved in the movement were Levi and Catherine Coffin,their house was known as "The Grand Central Station" of the Underground Rail Road. Frederick Douglas published a newspaper in an effort to build support for the abolition of slavery.

    Harret Brecher Stowe wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin about the trails of a slave  Family.