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    People of long ago had many questions about the things around them, especially nature. None of their question could be answered scientifically because there were no scientists or books to offer the explanations we have today. So, the people of the world answered their own questions in beautiful stories that they made up to explain phenomena like the rising and setting of the sun, the stars, or the rustling of leaves

    Today, these stories handed down from generation to generation are known as myths. Myths are some of the oldest stories in the world, over 2,000 years old. While the most famous are the Greek and Roman myths, every nation created their own. We study them because they are the religion, science and literature of primitive people.

    Ancient Greek myths are wonderful stories that teach a lesson or explain an event in the universe. Today, science can explain where rain comes from or why the seasons change. But, many thousands of years ago humans wanted to understand the world around them, so they created gods and goddesses who ruled the universe, and invented stories that answered their questions......

    • Why does the sun rise and set everyday?
    • How do plants grow?
    • Who place the stars in the sky?
    • What is love, war, jealousy?
    • What is lightning and thunder?
    • Why does the moon change shape?
    • Why are some things beautiful?
    • How do families work?

      Process and Resources

    • Where does fire come from?
    • How did the world form?
    • What makes a volcano erupt?
    • How do birds fly?
    • Where does snow come from?
    • Why is there evil in the world?
    • Who makes the waves?
    • Why do humans have different emotions?


    You are about to begin a voyage of the grandest proportions. You will meet men with extraordinary powers, devilish gods and terrifying creatures. There are no rules in the world of mythology, but beware: you must always be willing to face the repercussions of your actions! We will be traveling far back in time where the only way to share these stories was to speak them. These tales come from the mouths of ancients and were spread from generation to generation. You are about to begin a journey, an odyssey and an adventure. Percy needs your help! He has recently discovered that he is half human and half Greek god. He knows a little about Greek Mythology and Ancient Greece, but he needs to know more to keep himself alive and out of danger. The Oracle has called upon you to tutor him in the Culture, Geography and Religion of Ancient Greece WebQuest of information is your passport. It is your boarding pass, your entry ticket and you will create the guidebook.You and your partner will use the information you have gathered to create a power point presentation and a movie poster! 


    Step 1: Research the Stories 

    Short versions of lots of myths

    Read and Listen to some Greek Myths

    Winged Sandals
    Animated stories and info. on gods

    Greek Myths, Legends and Gods for Children

    History For Kids
    Click on the chart for myths of the Gods

    Mr. Donn
    Read and hear many Greek myths. (Also click on other links)

    United Streaming Video
    Three popular myths
    (Use the usual user name and password)

    Hermes and Apollo
    The story in a Powerpoint version

    Very easy picturebook versions of Greek myths


    Step 2: Research the gods and goddesses (with your partner)


    Click on the different people to see who they are.
    Greek Myths, Legends and Gods for Children Thinkquest
    Easy to understand descriptions
    Good overview, plus links to each god
    Mr. Donn
    Quick and easy overview of 12 most common gods. Also has other links.
    The Olympian gods


    Step 3: As you know, the Oracle has given you a Quest. The Oracle has called upon you to help Percy Jackson. Your team will tutor Percy to keep him safe and aware as he deals with other heroes, gods and monsters. You will be in a team of 2, predetermined by the Oracle. Creat a power point with your partner. Your power point will be 7-12 slides, you must have an introduction page with partners names,title of project and art work.

    Slide 2  Mount Olympus - Describes the who,what, where of Mt Olympus why was it important?

    Slide 3 will be a map of acient greece.As a  group research what area Greece covered around 550 BC. Create a map of what it looked like.Tell of one important area (city,town or place of interest) of this time period, and why it was important.

    Ancient Greece maps

    Map of Ancient Greece

    Excellent site with an interactive map. Click on a city, it will zoom in and give you the history and details about that city.

    A map with details about many cities

    Slide 4:create a slide for the Ancient Greek Olympics. Each person will be responsible for researching one of the following areas: Origins, Events/Games, Procedures, Location/Arena, Athletes/Qualifications. You will want to include descriptions of sports, where they are held, the history of the Olympics, the Olympic flame and medals, names of athletes, etc. Use the following links for reference.

    The Ancient Olympics .


    The Ancient Olympics

    Ancient Olympic Games


    Olympic History


    The Ancient Olympics


    The Ancient Olympic Games:

     Being Part of the Experience

    Slide 4 -8 Choose 2 greek gods or godesses,use the web sites above to help you, include the following info for each:

    • The name of the god (make it easy to see)
    • The Roman name and the Latin name of your god
    • A picture of the god (choose something appropriate for a power point)
    • A brief description of where the god is from and where the god can usually be found (in other words, where does the god spend his time in the myths?)
    • He or she is the god or goddess of…?
    • This god is famous for…?
    • Relatives? (parents, siblings, what god or gods did he or she marry, love, or desire…?)
    • Does this god have a weapon?
    • What are his/her "favorites"?
    • What other identifying characteristics or interesting facts have you discovered about your god?

    Slide 9-12 Use the Internet information linked below to answer these questions specifically related to  Beasts and Creatures: You must pick 2 of these ,include a brief description (what they are and did) ,name, picture.

    A conclution slide with references!!

     Myth Man's Beast and Creatures

     Step 4: Create a movie poster (with your partner)
    Look at examples of famous movie posters. What do you like about them?
    Create your own poster with dramatic images, a great slogan, plus any appropriate credits.

     Bonus Activity

    Click here ONLY if you have presented the orical all of your work and the orical has directed you to the bonus activity. This activity is for you to do once you have completed your quest conquering all of your tasks. Bonus Activity