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    It's a new year and time to learn about and master the multiplication tables. Your success is in your hands. We will be exploring the concept of multiplication in school but memorizing and mastering the facts needs to be supported at home for you to truly become a MASTER MULTIPLIER. The choice and challenge is yours!

    Buying a set of flash cards and using them nightly is a great way to master the times tables.You can often find them in the dollar stores. You can also use a regular deck of cards to practice facts. Just display two cards at a time for each player in the game of WAR. Multiply the value of the two cards to determine who wins the play. Face cards can be used if they are given a value such as zero or ten.

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    The Internet is a wonderful tool for fact lessons and practice. I have compiled several sites to help you in your quest to master the multiplication tables.

    This site, http://multiplication.com/students.htm, is OUTSTANDING for supporting the mastery of the times tables! It takes you through 15 sequential lessons that really teach you the times tables!!! Have a parent or older sibling help you with these truly FANTASTIC lessons!!! These lessons follow along with what we do in school and there are other new and awesome ideas I will be using in class, too! When you visit this site just click on the "I Want to Learn the Times Table" and follow the lessons. I repeat...They really are fantastic!!! This site also has games to help you memorize the facts.
    When you think you're an expert, click here to play....
    Multiplication and Division Jeopardy!
    Have Fun!
    Explore the multiplication table at Math Cats.

    The site below also gives multiplication "tricks" and a printable multiplication grid. The grid can be used in the lessons above and is an essential tool for seeing the patterns in multiplication.


    Remember that it takes time and LOTS of practice to master the times tables! Work hard and you can become a MASTER MULTIPLIER!

    Need multiplication flash card practice? Use these sites below.

    When you think you have mastered the tables, try these games to test your ability,Hidden Picture game, mulitplication space adventure games called Multiflyer or Mathteroid, Math Baseball, and The Product Game.

    I will be awarding Certificates of Mastery for each of the 12 times tables so get out the flashcards, follow the lessons, play those games, and become a certified MASTER MULTIPLIER!

    Division uses multiplication facts for solving problems. 

    Click here for a match game to practice Division Definitions.