Keyboarding Keyboarding

     Learning keyboarding skills is vital for today’s learners and tomorrow’s earners.

    Typing Tips

    Follow these simple rules:

    • Place your hands on the keyboard appropriately. The left forefinger should point to the key ‘F’, and the right to the ‘J’. You can feel the bumps at the bottom these keys.
    • Try not to look at the keyboard, look at the screen only. Use virtual keyboard to find the proper key if you are stuck.
    • If your typing speed is notable slow, start with the simplest level using random words composed of the letters from the Caps Lock row only.
    • Do not hurry, try to develop high accuracy first, then improve your typing speed.
    • It may require a week or two to get to the speed of ~50 words per minutes if you practice 30–60 minutes every day, get used to it.


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