• Behavior Consultant Services

    Behavior Consultant Services Provide consultation, transition support, and staff development to BOCES and component district staff to meet the needs of students with behavioral concerns and/or Autism Spectrum Disorders. These services support both pre-school transition and school aged programming. Request for services go through your CSE Office and require Superintendent’s approval.

    Along with being a certified special education teacher, Kristy Blask is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst with many years of experience. She has provided intensive teaching and behavioral consultation to several Erie County school districts. Kristy worked closely with students, teachers, aides, parents, and administration to ensure students were receiving the proper services, were successful in school and in the community, and that their behavior was not interfering with the learning environment.


    For further information please contact:

    Kristy Blask

    Phone: (716)731-6800 ext.3742