• Electricity I, II & Schematics/2514

    This course offers basic understanding of electricity to provide the foundation needed to move on to wiring and more advanced electric courses. Instruction covers resistance, capacitive and inductive circuit analysis, power generation, AC and DC theory and simple series/parallel circuits.  The second component of this course will introduce and focus on the basics of electronic theory.  Instruction includes: review of AC and DC theory and electronic components used in modern day electronic equipment.  Digital multi-meters and oscilloscopes will be used in lab activities.

    Through Schematics, students will learn about the use of timers, interlocks and presure/temperature controls.  Troubleshooting control schemes are included.


    PRE-REQUISITE Industrial Math Core 

    Hours:  216 hours - 14 weeks
    Dates:  9/14/20 - 12/17/20
    Day, Time: Mon - Thurs  9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    Location Code:  Lockport 50 Main Street
    Fee:  $2,600.00