• Mental Health Services Counselor

    Mental Health Services Counselor provides professional development, technical assistance, up-to-date information, referral services, curriculum development, and coordination around mental health services to BOCES and component district staff to meet student mental health concerns.

    Kristin Miller is a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) and Certified School Social Worker. Her trainings include Trauma Informed Care certification, Suicide Safety for Schools trainer, helping anxious kids and supporting staff working with students who display concerning behaviors associated with mental health issues. Ms. Miller is able to meet with staff in small groups, large groups, or individually and work with students and their families to address students who may have a diagnosed mental health disorder or a suspicion of a mental health disorder.

    Ms. Miller is able to provide professional development during faculty meetings, half day or full day on:  Mental Health Laws for Schools; Trauma Informed Instruction; review of different diagnoses, how they might present in the classroom, and techniques to address them; and Suicide Safety for Schools (60-75 minute training).  Ms. Miller is also able to provide mental health web resources for district websites.


    For further information please contact:

    Kristin Miller, LMSW

    Phone: (716)731-6800 ext.3605