Home Health Aide Program

  • Home Health Aide 

                             Orleans Niagara BOCES Home Health Aide Program is an approved training program designed to prepare the mature trainee to provide assistance and carry out health care tasks for patients in their homes or substitute homes. HHA classes consist of 75 hours of theory and lab instruction and 30 hours of clinical instruction. 

    Home Health Aide Services

    "Home health aide services shall mean health care tasks, personal hygiene services, housekeeping tasks and other related supportive services essential to the patient's health."                                                                                                                                                                                       10 NYCRR700.2(c) (15) 

    Home Health Aide

    "Home health aide shall mean a person who carries out health care tasks under the supervision of a registered nurse or licensed therapist and who may also provide assistance with personal hygiene, housekeeping and other related supportive tasks to a patient with health care needs in his/her home.  Home health aides shall have successfully completed a basic training program in home health aide services or an equivalent exam approved by the department and possesses written evidence of such completion."                                                                                      10 NYCRR 700.2(b) (9) 

    Qualifications of Students
    Candidates for the training program should meet or exceed the minimum criteria specified in the State's policies and standards for individuals rendering the home health aide and/or personal care services.  The applicants should:

    • Be mature, emotionally and mentally stable.  A minimum age of 18 is recommended.
    • Be able to read and write, understand and carry out directions and instructions, record messages and keep simple records.
    • A minimum of an eighth grade reading level is recommended.
    • The candidates must be in good physical health as verified by health assessment.  All students and clinical faculty must meet the requirements specified in Title 10 of the New York State Codes, Rules and Regulations.  The health status of each student must be assessed prior to beginning the in-home supervised clinical experience.  The assessment shall be of sufficient scope to ensure that no person shall be accepted into the program unless he/she is free from a health impairment which is of potential risk to the patient or which might interfere with the performance of his/her duties, including the habituation or addiction to depressants, stimulants, narcotics, alcohol or other substances that may alter his/her behavior.

      Other Requirements
    • Physical and immunization required
    • Influenza vaccine
    • Full COVID vaccination
    • Be able to lift up to 50 lbs 

      The purpose of supervised clinical experience component is to:
      (1)   Integrate the theoretical components of the training program into skills applicable in the work situation;
      (2)   Determine the competency of the trainee in performing basic procedures in the home setting;
      (3)   Determine the ability of the trainee to work on a 1:1 basis with patients and families in the home setting;
      (4)  Recommend/determine that the trainee has met all the requirements to be eligible for the completion of the licensed or certified home health services agency training program.

    Test for HHA Competency
    All successful candidates will be given an Equivalency Test. It is a method used to qualify specific individuals as home health aides. There is no cost to this test which is developed and administered by Orleans Niagara BOCES and approved by the New York State Education Department.

    Cost of Program
    The cost for the HHA program is: $1400 for 105 hours of instruction, (75 hours theory, 30 hours clinical) .
    The textbook and uniform tops are included.  Uniform is required for clinical rotation.

    Space is limited to 8 students per class

    Average Salary
    Bureau of Labor Statistics

    Kathy Dix at: 716-731-6800  Ext. 4445 or kdix@onboces.org

    FOR APPLICATION: Please complete, print, and send to: 
    Kathy Dix
    Health Occupations
    Orleans Niagara BOCES
    50 Main Street
    Lockport, NY  14094