CNA to Home Health Aide Program

  • CNA to HHA Transition Program



    The CNA to HHA transition program is a 40 hour theory program. It does not include a clinical component. A cognitive written exam will be given at the end of instruction. The minimum passing score on the HHA Equivalency test is 75%. This test includes both a written and skills sections.





    1. CNA certificate with one full year of experience in a hospital or SNF in the last 5 years

    2. HHA who has not worked as a HHA in the last 24 consecutive months

    3. Documented HHA or CNA training from an out of state program

    4. Veteran trained in the US Military as a medical technician or medic



    Cost of Program

    The cost for the HHA program is: $305.00 for 40 hours of instruction. The textbook is $50.00


    Average salary

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the average salary for a HHA is $21,000-$22,000


    Call Sarah Pabon at 716-731-6800 ext. 4445  or for details!