Soundazbound Icon and Overview

  • Soundzabound 

    Soundzabound Music Library offers a wide variety of music, audio themes and sound effects for grade K -12 and universities that ensures your copyright safety. Perfect for podcasts, PowerPoint™, videos, news, shows, video yearbooks, digital storytelling, presentations, TV broadcasts, web design and more!

Collections included in ON BOCES Subscription

  • Background Enhancement, Animation Themes, Mellow Pads, New Age, High-Powered Adrenaline Themes, Fanfares and Openings, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Techno, News Themes, Spy/Suspense, Mystery Themes, and Solo Instrumentation. (Released 1998)

    Soundzabound Vol 2Soundz of Holidays and Events, Mind Over Music – Classical, and Soundz From All Around! (Released 2000)

    Soundzabound vol 3Decades of Music: Dance, Rap, Blues, Swing, Themes, Loops & Stingers, Game Show Themes, TV, Movie, Cartoon Themes, Sports Jams, Groovy Loops, Stingers and Sound Effects! Everything INCLUDING the Kitchen Sink! (Released 2002)

    Up Tempo Music, Mid Tempo Music and Low Tempo Music Themes. (Released 2004)

    Modern: Rock, Pop, Country, Urban & Dance, Hip-Hop, Street & Techno. Vintage: from Funk to Punk to Rock. (Released 2006)

      Masters of music production FADER VIXEN deliver audio for anime, animation, gaming, story-boarding and avatars, perfect for real world production and especially those virtual projects that border the fantastic and beyond. (Released 2012)

     21st century technology demands 21st century sound effects. These production sound effects are perfect for your modern-day and future media creations including game development, videos, podcasts, digital stories, animation, 3-D creations and much more. No limitations to the applications, just use your imagination! (Released 2010)

How to Access Soundzabound

  • Access Soundzabound 24/7 through the ON BOCES Media Catalog!

    1. Go to Insignia Catalog Home page and sign in. Logging in for the first time?  Click HERE for a video tutorial.


    2. Go to the Soundzabound homepage.  Login in using your district wide username and password to enter a search query. Click Search.