Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who may attend Continuing Education classes?
    Classes are meant for adults who are 18 years old or older.  Those younger may call the Continuing Education Office at 1-716-731-6800, extension: 3001 to learn whether it would be appropriate to enroll. 

    When are Night School classes offered? 
    They are offered in two semesters:
    Fall semester - September to December
    Spring semester - February to May

    Summer classes are not offered.
    Full time classes may continue past a semester end depending on the number of hours in the class and the class schedule. 

    How can I find out about what classes are offered?
    Visit the Orleans/Niagara BOCES web site at - Continuing Education, or you can call the Continuing Education Office at 716-731-6800 at extension: 3001 or 3101 and request a catalog be mailed to you.

    Will I receive a course certificate? 
    For Night Classes:
    You will receive a  if you have attended 75 to 89% of your classes and earn a final grade of 75% or better. 

    For Full Time Classes:
    You will receive a certificate of completion when attendance and grade requirements are met.  Information concerning requirements will be discussed in the appointment and during class orientation. 

    Does the tuition cover all fees? 
    Specific supplies are not included in the tuition.  Instructors will inform students of any additional supplies that will be needed/required for the class. 

    How do I drop out of class?  Is there a refund policy?

    When a class is cancelled by BOCES – a full refund will be issued.

    When a student voluntarily withdraws and notifies Michael Weyrauch, Director of Adult and Continuing Education, of her/his intent in writing before the start of the second instructional class.  The refund will be less a $10.00 registration fee.  No refunds are given after the start of the second class meeting. 

    Dr. Michael Weyrauch, Ed.D
    Director of Adult Education, CTE & Instructional Services
    Orleans Niagara BOCES
    3181 Saunders Settlement Rd.
    Sanborn, NY 14132
    (716) 731-6800, extension 4447

    Refunds may take six to eight weeks to process.
    There are no refunds for any textbook, workbook, and/or any supplies purchased for the class.

    When a student voluntarily withdraws from class after the start of the second instructional class.
    When a student is dismissed from her/his class by BOCES.

     How do I find out more about the Health Programs? 
    For any questions related to the Health Programs, please contact Diana Petrizzo at (716) 731-6800, extension: 4446.  Or e-mail her at