Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering

  • LOCATIONS:  Orleans Career and Technical Education Center
    Instructor: Bill Rakonczay



    The National Award Winning Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering Program is two years in length and is designed to develop skills, which will allow graduates to obtain employment in the Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering Fields.

    The Advanced Manufacturing Program is only one of three in New York State involved with the NASA Hunch Program. The students in AME are making hardware that will be used on the International Space Station. Currently the AME program has parts onboard the ISS that were made in class on the equipment in the program.

    Over the two year program students are exposed to Precision Machining, Computer Aided Design and Welding Technologies, experiencing the interaction of multiple technologies in a real manufacturing environment and from field trips to local industries. All students will follow approved industry methods and engineering standards while learning to fabricate industry specific metal products.

    It is also not unusual to find a high percentage of our capable students employed part or full time in the machine trades by the spring  of their senior year as part of the "Capstoning" program.

     Upon completion of the program students will have:

    Acquired tooling and machining skills utilizing computer driven (CNC) layout techniques and manual techniques (cnc mills/lathes/plasma and laser machines)

    Gained knowledge and skills in a variety of metal joining, cutting and fabrication processes

    Learned how to create simple and complex parts, understanding how and why those parts are graphically depicted on blueprints

    The ability to visualize a complete part from a drawing through utilization of 3D printing

    Used various design processes utilizing leading edge software and technologies  Be able to operate machining and fabrication equipment

    A global understanding of the design and production processes of metal products.

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