Building Management and Maintenance

  • LOCATION:  Niagara Career and Technical Education Center
    Instructors:   Michael Carney and Vincent Piaskowski

    The Building Management and Maintenance curriculum prepares students to assume key positions in fields of facility operations and property management. There is a great need for highly-trained individuals to operate, manage and maintain various kinds of facilities both locally and nationally. The curriculum is unique in providing this technical and managerial training. The student will gain knowledge in the following areas: operation of a building’s mechanical system; overview of the building trades; and managerial/supervisory skills and business practices. Our program aims to develop skills which are needed for planning, scheduling and controlling the efficient operation and repair of state-of-the-art equipment and buildings. The facilities operations and property management fields will require a thorough understanding of the construction and maintenance process. The curriculum provides hands-on activities to augment and complete the education of the student.

    Click on this link to watch our students in action: Building Management and Maintenance


    • Operate, maintain & troubleshoot building mechanical systems (HVAC, Electrical, Power Distribution, Plumbing, etc.) and structural systems.
    • Develop operational forms for a facility.
    • Demonstrate knowledge of multiple trades, tool usage, and safety procedures.
    • Develop and implement Standard Operation Procedure (S.O.P) manual.
    • Develop and implement preventive maintenance program(s).
    • Estimate labor, material and equipment for the maintenance function.
    • Manage a project; renovation, or remodeling for a facility.
    • Perform an energy audit and make recommendations for cost effective retrofits.
    • Supervise the maintenance and function-personnel, work, load balancing, problem solving and scheduling.
    • Develop a training program in various media formats or subordinates.
    • Interpret and use financial and legal documents.
    • Interpret residential and commercial blueprints.


    This program includes 20 weeks of building trades and HVAC for each of the two years students are at Niagara CTE.  They will be explosed to the following: Workplace safety, Rough and finish carpentry, Introduction to HVAC, Plumbing, Refridgeration, Interior and Exterior Finishes, Air Distribution Systems, Electricity and Circuits, Gas Heat, Estimation, Print Reading, Air Conditioning, Bob Cat Training, Reclaiming and Recycling of Refrigerants.


    Facilities manager, director of building servicess, building inspector, building automation, building engineer, building michanic, sales representative, carpenter, mason, plumbing, roofer/sider, remodeling carpenter, drywall installer, estimation, painters, insulation installers, general contractor.

    NYS Approved Program Title & CIP Code: Building /Property Maintenance and Manager – 46.0401