Certified Personal Trainer

  • Instructors:

    NCTEC - Jared Karas

    E-mail: jkaras@onboces.org

    OCTEC (Located at Roy-Hart High School)-Joseph Wilkie

    E-mail: jwilkie@onboces.org

    This program is a two year program and is designed for the individual seeking competency in health, fitness and exercise instruction.  Students will perform fundamental health and fitness assessments and learn to design and implement fitness programs for the healthy population.  During the course students are provided with the most relevant scientific information regarding the assessment, design and implementation of safe, effective and efficient personal exercise instruction. 

    Upon completion of this program, students will be prepared to take the American Council of Exercise Certification Examination (ACE). 


    1. To study anatomy.
    2. Learn CPR and AED.
    3. To develop a knowledge of health and fitness.
    4. Learn about health and screening and evaluation.
    5. Study nutrition and weight management.
    6. Learn proper training techniques.
    7. To help clients with meeting their health and fitness goals.


    The first year will introduce students to careers in the health and fitness field.  Subject material will include health and wellness, nutrition, anatomy and physiology and anaerobic versus aerobic training techniques.

    The second year will orient students to the role as a personal trainer.  Concepts covered will include health screening and evaluations, fitness training, personal training techniques, exercise program design, and starting yourown personal training business. 


    Business Owner

    Certified Personal Trainer

    Fitness Director

    Fitness Worker

    Group Exercise Instructor


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