• LOCATION: Niagara Career and Technical Education Center  
    Instructors:  Paul Dewey


    This program is designed to give students a better understanding of our natural resources and the reasoning for preserving them with activity based learning experiences. 


    1. To develop and implement a forest management plan.
    2. Undergo leadership and guide training.
    3. Develop an understanding of wildlife habits and activities.
    4. Learn survival and leadership skills.
    5. Demonstrate proper techniques in backpacking, hiking and outdoor activities during our guiding unit. 
    6. Learn to use topography maps and compass.
    7. Operate equipment like chainsaws and overhaul and rebuild small engines using mechanical tools and speciliaty equipment.
    8. Learn park management and operations such as development and supervision of a park, construction and maintenance trail systems.
    9. Learn greenhouse management by operating on site greenhouse and maintaining heating, watering and ventilation systems, forest and floral stock and monitoring temperature, mositure and nutrient levels.  Students will also construct research areas of hydroponics, aquaponics, ornamental pools and waterfalls.


    • Aquaculture - Students manage over 100 lbs of fish and products throughout the year, along with managing large groups of aqua crops.
    • Equipment Operation - Students maintain and safely operate facility owned equipment, including backhoes, loaders and hydraulic machines.
    • Greenhouse Management - Study focuses on horiculture and landscape technology.
    • Forestry - Our 16 acre forest provides a perfect lab for activities including: harvesting and milling our own wood products which will then be constructed into rustic furniture and canoes. 
    • Outdoor Power Equipment - Students work on almost every style of small engine from two stroke to four stroke and water cooled systems.
    • Technicians may prepare for national level certification as well as regional and state competitions. 



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