Digital Design & Production

  • Orleans Career and Technical Education Center - Mrs. Hall


    This can be taken as a one year or two year program.  This program was developed for the practical student, as well as the creative student by combining art, design, technology and production.  Students learn the skills involved in the creation and production of graphics projects from print to media.  Through project development, students will discover and enjoy the promotional world of advertising and marketing.  After students experience multiple areas within the grahic communications field, they will choose their favorite area to focus on and master in their senior year. 


    1. To gain an understanding of the multi-faceted industry of graphic communications (desktop publishing, illustration, package design, advertising, multimedia, web design, photography, sign making, textile/commercial printing, finishing/bindery).
    2. To gain foundational skills in the graphic design process, color theory, drawing (traditional/electronic), typography, computer graphics, digital imaging, visual communications development and production.
    3. Develop the skills necessary to convert theoretical ideas into effective communications pieces (i.e.: logos, posters, letterhead, envelopes, business cards, advertisements, cover designs, t-shirt designs, brochures, etc.)
    4. Gain hands-on, industry-specific knowledge in producing graphic communications projects from concept to completion.
    5. To apply traditional methods and digital technology in creative expressions.
    6. To become proficient in preparing digital artwork for a variety of media for both print and digital environment.
    7. To gain an understanding of production procedures (i.e.: screen printing, lithography, finishing/bindery techniques).


    PrintEd accreditation which is administered by the Graphic Arts Education and Research Foundation (GAERF), is available to students.  For more information you can go to:


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