Quick Facts

  • Job opportunities are good, especially for those with the broadest range of skills. By enrolling in the Electricity/Electronics program offered at Niagara Career and Technical Education Center, the students will have a huge advantage of getting into the electrical unions which offer apprenticeship programs in which they receive over $100,000.00 worth of training, or they may choose to go college or join the armed forces to receive additional training in the specific areas that they like best.

    Employers often hire students who have completed a career and technical education program adn usually start them at a more advanced level than those without training.

    New technologies are expected to continue to spur demand for electricians.  Robots and other automated manufacturing systems in factories will require the installation and maintenance of more complex wiring systems.  In addition, efforts to boost conservation of energy in public buildings and in new construction will boost demand for electricians because electricians are key to installing some of the latest energy savers, such as solar panels and motions sensors for turning on lights. 


    THE PROJECTED GROWTH = 12% FROM 2004-2014