Course Description

  • The Electricity/Electronics Program is a two year STATE CERTIFIED program which allows students the opportunity to attain entry level job skills and/or prepare for additional in-depth training in the electricity and electronics field. Students typically learn:

    1] Residential Wiring: Including various switches, receptacles, lighting, fans, breaker panels and service entrances which must conform to the National Electrical Code.

    2] Commercial/Industrial Wiring: Including bending and installing PVC, EMT, flexible and liquidtite conduits, Solar and Wind power generation.

    3] Analog Electronics: Ohm's Law & the resistor color code, how to use Meters & Oscilloscopes, FM Transmitter, LED's, soldering technique, circuit board manufacturing, telephone, hand tools, car audio installation. 

    4] Digital Electronics: Binary, Hexidecimal, Octal numbering, circuit construction, Stepper Motor, Logic circuits,  troubleshooting and repair, robotics.

     5] Motor Controls: Panel building, including motors, relays and contactors and PLC wiring and programming for automated manufacturing processes and control. 

    6] House: Students may have the opportunity to work in a modular home constructed at the center by the carpentry class or work in the community on a Habitat for Humanity home or other construction projects.