Graphic Communications

  • Niagara Career and Technical Education Center - Mrs. Krull


    This Graphic Communications Program prepares the student to enter the photography, multimedia, printing and advertising industries with hands-on instruction in the production of a wide variety of multimedia/print based projects from the initial design to the finished project. 


    1. To provide a two-year program that focuses on the preparation of employing and/or preparing students to attend college in the field of graphic design.
    2. The students will learn the latest design software to achieve acceptable standards of work for the graphic design industry. 
    3. Explore the creativity and technology of graphic communications through various media including industry software (Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop), digital photography and lithography.
    4. Prepare client based marketable projects using various media.
    5. Develop the necessary skills for the preparation of artwork for printing/mobile/web.
    6. Demonstrate professional skills through resume writing, verbal communication and interviewing techniques.
    7. Develop a portfolio demonstrating the student's proficiency in graphic communications.

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