Web Development and Game Programming

  • Location: Niagara Career and Technical Education Center (NCTEC)

    Instructor: Michelle LeFauve

    E-mail: mlefauve@onboces.org

    The Web Development and Game Design program is geared toward students interested in exploring computer programming, Web technologies, and the creativity and technology of game creation. Students in this program will develop skills in coding, interactive design, game theory and development, and mobile game app creation using industry-standard programming languages and development tools. The program consists of one year of Web Development and one year of Game Programming. 

    Program Highlights

    • Programming Logic
    • Design & Layout Principles
    • Color Theory
    • Typography
    • Logo & Icon Design
    • Web Development (HTML5)
    • Style Sheet Language (CSS3)
    • Web Functionality (JavaScript, jQuery, PHP)
    • Interface Design
    • Preparation for Web & Game Elements (Photoshop)
    • Game Theory & Design Concepts
    • Game Design & Programming (C#, Unity)
    • Mobile Game App Development (Swift)

    Applied Academics

    During the Web Development course, students will gain experience with interface design, form creation and processing, and Web coding. They will evaluate existing Web sites, learn programming syntax and create their own sites using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and PHP. All the foundation skills in Web development will be covered, including navigation, links, images, graphics, and styling. Developing sites for mobile platforms will also be covered. They will also develop skills with the latest industry-standard design software, including Adobe Dreamweaver and Photoshop. Developing sites for mobile platforms will also be covered. 

    The Game Programming course will introduce students to the elements of game creation and common game programming languages. Students will learn game history, pre-production strategies, and incorporate game theory into the development of their own non-digital and digital games. They will work with game design applications such as Unity and Swift. Developing games for mobile platforms will also be covered.  


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