Alternative Parenting Program

  • LOCATION:  Niagara Academy

    Instructor: Rose Lewkowitz


    What is the Alternative Parenting Program?


    This unique program is designed to meet the needs of a young woman who is pregnant or parenting, who is determined to graduate from high school, and concerned about a future for herself and her child.

    What does the full day instructional program provide?

    • All academic classes leading to a Regents diploma
    • Vocational training in a variety of areas
    • Parenting Education
    • Pre-natal and postpartum education
    • Educational speakers
    • Articulation with various Niagara County agencies
    • Hands on activities
    • Infant/Child CPR
    • Field trips for Moms and Babies

    What support services are available?

    • Career and academic consulting
    • Counseling

    Job placement services

    • Peer support/counseling group
    • Individual counseling including referrals, advocacy and life planning

    What about graduation?

    • Report cards are sent to your high school; they issue your credits and eventually a high school diploma.
    • You are still considered a student in your district but attending classes off campus.
    • You are able to attend your own high school graduation ceremony.

     What about tuition and transportation?

    • Tuition is paid for by your home school.
    • Transportation for you is provided by your home school.      

    What do students need to do to apply?

    • You should see your home school counselor and provide information about the delivery date or birth of your child.
    • Your  counselor will contact BOCES to discuss your graduation requirements and make an appointment for you to see the program.

    What if I have questions or would like to visit?

    You may contact Ms. Lewkowitz at 1-716-731-6800, ext: 4481, between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Monday-Friday.  She can also be reached via e-mail at




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