• Counseling is an educationally related support service which can be offered to students who appear to demonstrate emotional/behavioral problems or conflicts that negatively affect their ability to learn.  The counselor, together with other appropriate staff, is responsible for assessing and treating those students referred for this service.  It is the overall goal of counseling to assist the student in making postive and healthy adjustments to school. 

    Counseling Services

    Highly qualified counseling staff provide a broad range of techniques to deal with a variety of issues and problems.  They provide specialized and individualized services for children ages three to 21 years.  Typically, students referred for counseling services are experiencing problems which interfere with their ability to work successfully in school.  The goal of school-based counseling is to support and maintain students in the least restrictive environment, by improving their adjustment to school and related issues. 

    Program Services for Students

    • To strengthen a student's adjustment to school
    • To improve peer and adult relationships and their interactions with the school community
    • To assist in the resolution of school-home conflicts to improve functioning in the school program
    • To maximize attendance at school by exploring and addressing the reasons for excessive absences
    • To enhance a student's ability to recognize, resolve and express feelings in appropriate ways
    • Issues typically addressing may include problem solving, life skills, conflict resolution and stress/anger management