Hearing Support Services

  • Philosophy

    Our teachers promote learning through oral/aural communication, concentration on listening and speaking skills, to ensure the success of each student.

    Teachers of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

    Qualified teachers of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing understand the implications of hearing loss on academics, socialization and life skills.  They provide specialized and individualized services for children ages birth to 21 years.  Hearing support services are usually provided in the child's neighborhood school. 

    Program Services for Students

    • Prepare students to meet the New York State Standards
    • Develop spoken language or teach sign language, if appropriate
    • Reinforce academics - reading and writing
    • Maximize listening skills
    • Enhance speechreading skills
    • Improve and teach vocabulary and grammar
    • Monitor hearing aids and FM Systems
    • Provide emotional support and guidance, improving social skills and problem solving
    • Encourage self-advocacy
    • Service children with cochlear implants
    • Teach students about their individual hearing loss and communication strategies
    • Meet needs of child with Central Auditory Processing Disorder




    For further information, please contact:

    Mrs. Paulette Hamilton - Coordinator of Special Ed Services

    Phone: (716) 731-6800 ext. 4269