Orientation and Mobility

  • Orientation and Mobility 

     Orientation and Mobility Instruction (O&M) is an important component of the educational curriculum for students who have visual impairment.  The Orientation and Mobility Specialist provides formal instruction in orientation and mobility skills.  Orientation refers to the process of making use of sensory information to establish oneself in relationship to the environment; mobility is the process of physical movement within the environment. 


     O&M Program Services


    Our trained specialists provide direct instruction in:

    • Movement with a sighted guide
    • Protective techniques
    • Indoor cane skills
    • Outdoor cane skills
    • Street Crossings
    • Use of Public Transportation
    • Identification and use of environmental landmarks and clues
    • Knowledge and use of cardinal directions
    • Knowledge and use of indoor and outdoor numbering systems
    • Utilization of sound clues within the environment
    • Use of systematic search patterns
    • Where, when and how to solicit assistance

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    For further information please contact:

    Mrs. Paulette Hamilton- Special Education Coordinator

    Phone: (716)731-6800 ext. 4269