Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do I enroll my child in a BOCES Special Education Class?

    BOCES is a service provider to your local school district.  All students are enrolled in a BOCES program by their home school district.  The Special Education Office in your school will assist you and your child through screening and testing to determine if a BOCES placement is appropriate. 

    Listed below are the phone numbers for the district Special Education Offices:

    • Albion CSD: (585) 589-2057
    • Barker CSD: (716) 795-3350
    • Lewiston Porter CSD: (716) 286-7250
    • Lockport CSD: (716) 478-4809
    • Lyndonville CSD: (585) 765-2251
    • Medina CSD: (585) 798-4032
    • Newfane CSD: (716) 778-6468
    • Niagara Falls CSD: (716) 286-4293
    • Niagara Wheatfield CSD: (716) 215-3011
    • North Tonawanda CSD: (716) 807-3560
    • Royalton Hartland CSD: (716) 735-2025
    • Starpoint CSD: (716) 210-2321
    • Wilson CSD: (716) 751-9341

        2.  How long do children stay in a BOCES Special Ed classroom?

    Every year all students are re-evaluated to determine their placements for the following school year.  This is called the annual review process and parents are invited to participate in these meetings.  Students remain in their programs only as long as appropriate.  When a child is ready he/she would return to their local schools to continue their education. 

        3.  What kind of diploma do students receive?

    Children participating in ED and Alternative classes are working toward a Regent's diploma.  Students in our Life Skills programs receive an IEP diploma.  All diplomas are issued by your local school district, not by Orleans/Niagara BOCES. 

       4.  Who will provide transportation for my child?

    All busing is set up by your local schools.  If you have questions or concerns regarding your child's transportation you need to contact your school district. 

       5.  What is P.B.I.S.?

    PBIS is a proactive approach that promotes positive behaviors and develops a school-wide system for success in both academic and behavioral areas.  It teaches expected behaviors in the same way that academics are taught and provides logical consequences to eliminate problem behaviors.  This program is implemented at our Roy-Hart Learning Center and Newfane Learning Center sites. 

       6.  What are ALC and LOP?

    ALC stands for Alternative Learning Center and LOP stands for Loss of Priviledge.  These are two time-out strategies we use with behavioral students who need to be removed temporaily from the classrooms.  Students are given assignments and parents are always notified when it occurs. 

       7.  Is your academic program at the Niagara Academy the same as the high school? 

    Yes, the Niagara Academy provides a regent track academic program. 

       8.  Will my child be off on the same schedule (calendar) as my other children?  Will they follow the same school schedule?

    Generally student will follow the BOCES calendar regardless of the school district is in service or not.  It is always best to check with your school district to see if they are providing transportation.