RCASA was initially established in 2007 as an informal group. 

    The intended purpose of this group is to share information, problem solve, plan future trainings, etc.  as it relates to students and transition.  It is our hope that by bridging systems through collaboration and communication, we can effectively and resourcefully assist students and their families with the transition process.  Currently, participants include representatives from several school districts, local colleges, ACCES-VR, Independent Living Center, Parent Network, and agencies serving individuals with developmental disabilities, learning challenges, and/or mental health needs, etc. 

    We meet every other month, from October through May.  Each meeting is held at the Orleans/Niagara BOCES Conference Center in Sanborn at 4124 Saunders Settlement Road and lasts approximately 2 hours.  At each meeting, we have a guest speaker from an agency/community resource present regarding a specific topic related to transition.  This is followed by a time where each agency rep can present information about new programs/services, again related to transition.  Topics have included: College supports, One-Stop Employment Center, ACCES-VR, Mental Health, Central Referral, collaboration in the IEP process, Drop-out Prevention, SPOA, Guardianship, SSI, etc.  In addition, Elizabeth Loughran-Amorese, Transition Specialist from Erie 1 BOCES, provides up to date information regarding the NYS Education Department.

    Our committee felt the need to have a comprehensive directory of transition resources to share with parents, districts, and agencies.  A directory has been compiled and is available electronically.  It was updated in October 2012. 

    Since 2008, we have held transition conferences in May.  These conferences are open to students, parents, agencies, and district staff.

    We welcome new members.  For more information, please contact Debbie Branch at (716) 731-6800,  ext. 3718 or by e-mail at dbranch@onboces.org