New York State Bilingual Common Core Initiative information can be found on the EngageNY website.  Please also be aware that some modules have been translated into other high frequency languages, if you should so need them.

    On this page you will find articles and links to help classroom teachers work with their English Language Learners.  

    Explaining BICS and CALP

    by Judie Haynes

    Classroom teachers need to understand the difference between social language and academic language acquisition. Here is a simple description of BICS and CALP as theorized by Jim Cummins.

    Language Acquisition vs. Language Learning

    by Judie Haynes

    Should grammar be taught to young elementary age English language learners? Learn what the difference is between language acquisition and language learning.

    Pre-production and the Silent Period

    by Judie Haynes

    If your new English language learner is not speaking, don't worry. Most newcomers go through a stage during which they do not produce language. This doesn't mean they are not learning.