Health Care Plan

  • Health Care Plan - This service involves the coordination of a health insurance plan that is organized and governed by a Board of Directors comprised of representation from the participating districts.  The BOCES has no involvement in the administration of the program or the determination of benefits.  It is a fully insured program recognized by the State Insurance Department and administered by a third party administrator.

    Individual district participation in this program occurs through a contractual commitment between the district and the BOCES and the third party administrator.

    The BOCES provides coordination services consisting of the receipt and deposit of participant contributions and the subsequent payment of claims and other program charges to the claims administrator.  The health care plan has been developed through the coordination and involvement of the claims processor providing districts with a funding alternative for the purchase of health insurance for employees and retirees.

    The sharing of coordination costs among the participation costs among the participating districts is determined on a percentage basis using subscriber enrollment.

    Contact: Melanie Conley

    Phone: 1-716-731-6800, extension: 2210