School Dude

  • If you need to request a work order click on the below link:

    School Dude / Maintenance Request

    1. Type in your BOCES e-mail address (e.g.  Click the submit button.
    2. Your e-mail address will not be found the first time, so type in your last name.  Click the submit button.
    3. On the next screen enter your first name.  You can also enter your contact information.  Click the submit button.
    4. You will then be on the work order page and can enter your request.
    5. On step 5 select your supervisor's name.
    6. on Step 7 the submittal password is boces.
    7. Click the submit button when complete. 

    Steps 2 and 3 only need to be done the first time you submit a request on your computer.

    Your request is forwarded  to your supervisor for approval and then will be forwarded to the Maintenance Department.  You will be notified by e-mail of any change in status and/or completion of your request. 

    If you need assistance call Molly Tuohey at 716-731-6800, extension: 2222.