Career and Tech Education Facts

  • Why Career and Technical Education?

    While some high school students will go on to seek four year degrees, some will never graduate and many others will not find a job that requires the degree they have.  Career and technical education will give you the real skills you need that are in great deman across the US. 

    • 20% of all jobs in the United States require a four year degree.  65%-70% of all jobs in the US are technical in nature. 
    • Only one out five of all occupations require a four year degree.
    • 83% of workers holding associate degrees have the same or higher earnings as those with four year degrees.
    • Ten of thirteen industry groups rank the need for vocational training higher than the need for a college degree. 
    • Projected college graduates through 2010: 1.3 million.  Projected jobs for those graduates: 730,000.