Communications in a Crisis

  • If an incident occurs, the District’s first priority will be to ensure that all students are safe and under adult supervision. Once this is completed, the School District will implement the PARENT(S)/SPOUSE(S) NOTIFICATION PLAN. This plan calls for the School District to:
    • Utilize telephone lists or television and radio media to notify parents and spouses of an emergency involving an occupied school facility.
    • Designate a reception center at a location away from the incident.
    The Orleans Niagara BOCES and its component school districts each have a Public Information Officer who is designated to meet / talk with the media. All District / media communication will flow through this designated individual to prevent miscommunication or inaccurate information from being released. The Critical Incident Media Notification Plan provides the necessary guidance for school district representatives to effectively deal with the media during an emergency.

    The Superintendent of Schools has assigned, in advance, a staff member as the liaison / information specialist to work with the parents / spouses during a crisis. This individual assigned to this duty will assume responsibility for arranging the details and providing accurate, up to date information regarding the incident.