The Teen's Room

  •  This is one of the most cluttered rooms of the house! This is where teens can find out information on health, safety and security that is of importance to the young adult.


    • Protecting Working Teens - This site provides information on where teens work, how they are hurt, safety protections, and the Department of Labor's "Work Safe This Summer" initiative.
    • Teen Workers - Work experience can be a great benefit to you and your employer! Occupational Safety and Health Administration's mission is to prevent injuries and protect the health of America's teen workers by promoting positive and safe work experiences.
    • Federal Highway Administration Education - Pick up some tips on road safety, learn how an engine makes a car work, how a car can run on electricity and much more.


    • Get It Straight - The Facts About Drugs - This site, from the Drug Enforcement Administration, explains about the types of drugs and the effects they can have on your body. The site also provides quizzes and activities.
    • - No lectures - just the facts. Learn the truth about drugs, how to be healthy, and best of all, how to have fun! This page is from the Office of National Drug Control Policy.
    • Taking Charge of Your Health: A Teenager's Guide to Better Health