The Kitchen

  • The Kitchen is many people’s favorite room of the house. Here’s some   kitchen information you won’t want to miss on appliance safety and eating healthy, with special sections on consumer product resources and a guide to household hazardous waste

    Food Safety

    Appliance Safety
    • Safe Cooking Behaviors:  It's a recipe for serious injury or even death to wear loose clothing (especially hanging sleeves), walk away from a cooking pot on the stove, or leave flammable materials, such as potholders or paper towels, around the stove.  Wheather you are cooking the family holiday dinner or a snack for the children, practicing safe cooking behaviors will help keep you and your family safe. 
    • Keep Your Community Cooking Safely:  People in the United States are most likely to experience a fire in their home than anywhere else.  According to the latest NFPA research, cooking is the leading cause of home fires.  One out of three home fires begins in the kitchen - more than any other place in the home.  This is not an issue to take lightly.
    Eating Healthy
    • Team Nutrition: To help meet the goal of healthier children, USDA launched Team Nutrition. Learn more about this initiative to help make implementation of the new policy in schools easier and more successful.
    • Taking Charge of Your Health: A Teenager's Guide to Better Health
    • Girl's Health: Guide to eating healthy
    • My Pyramid: Childrens guide to a balanced diet
    Consumer Product Safety Commission Resources