The Pet's Place

  • Did you know that owning a pet can be beneficial to your health? For  instance, interaction with a furry companion can help reduce stress and even lower heart rate and blood pressure. Pets provide companionship, protection and an excuse to go out to exercise and play! This section provides information to help you keep your pet happy, healthy, and safe!

    Lost Pets

    There are hundreds of ways your pet can get lost. The risk of losing your pet is always there, but your chances of finding him or her are greater with careful planning. Your companion and you share a lot together--don't make separation one of them. If your pet has disappeared here are some tips to help in the search:

    1. Contact Animal Agencies. Immediately contact all animal control shelters, humane societies, local veterinary clinics and animal protection organizations within a large radius to file a lost pet report. Pets often stray farther from home than their owners believe possible. If there is no shelter in your area, contact your local police department.
    2. Search the Neighborhood. Walk and drive through your neighborhood several times every day. The early morning hours and sunset are prime times for finding lost pets. Question neighbors, joggers, postal carriers, garbage carriers and newspaper carriers and ask them to keep a look out for your pet.
    3. Advertise. Post fliers at all public places. Place an ad in the classified section of your local newspaper and offer a reward if possible. To protect yourself from pet-recovery scams leave out one of your pet's identifying characteristics so you can verify the honesty of any caller who claims to have found your pet.
    4. Use the Power of Scent. Place a recently worn article of clothing in your yard; for cats who usually stay indoors, place their litter box outside. Familiar scents can bring them home.
    5. Don't Give Up! Keep searching even when you have little hope left. Animals who have been lost for months have been reunited with their owners. It does take effort on your part, but look at the reward you get for all the hard work--your best friend!