Acceptable Use Policy

  • Orleans/Niagara BOCES Acceptable Use Policy


    1. Use of the Internet as part of the educational program is a privilege, not a right. The BOCES offers students access to the Internet to enhance their educational experience by giving them an opportunity to conduct research and communicate with others connected to the Internet around the world.
      To promote efficient and appropriate use of this resource, there are certain rules students must follow:

      Students may use the Internet only to complete or support assigned course work.
    2. All Internet users must use legally acquired computer resources (e.g. software, networks, databases, etc.,) when using the BOCES' Internet connection.
    3. Students must complete an Internet training session before individual access is permitted.
    4. No user shall intentionally develop programs that harass others, infiltrate computer systems, or damage hardware or software.
    5. No user shall circumvent any computer security measures imposed by the BOCES or non-BOCES organizations on the Internet. It shall also be considered a violation to obtain passwords belonging to others, to represent oneself as another, or to attempt to ascertain security access codes, etc.
    6. Users shall follow Internet etiquette at all times. This means that the following actions are not permitted:

    Sending or displaying obscene messages or pictures

    Using obscene language

    Harassing, insulting, or attacking others

    Trespassing in the folders, work, or files of another

    Intentionally wasting resources

    1. Users must not give out personal information such as address, telephone number, credit card number, etc.

    2. Users will not:

    Damage computers, computer systems, or computer networks
    Use the network for commercial purposes

    Use another person's password

    Violate copyright laws


    The BOCES will examine personal electronic files to promote compliance with BOCES regulations and with local, state and federal laws. The user is advised that the privacy of their files is not protected under these guidelines.


    Violations of these guidelines and other BOCES regulations regarding use of the Internet are subject to BOCES discipline policies. The BOCES reserves the right to terminate access to the Internet at any time, without prior notice, completely at the BOCES' discretion.