Career and Technical Education

  • One important function of BOCES is the provision of career and technical instruction and training for secondary students and adults of the Orleans/Niagara BOCES Supervisory District. Access to career programs is open to all secondary students.

    The courses are designed to enable a graduate to enter a chosen field of work and/or to continue studies at a post-secondary level. Minimum requirement for secondary students to enter a secondary day program include enrollment in a component district school, and completion of 10th grade. Exceptions to the minimum criteria listed above may be permitted through special arrangements.

    At the Orleans and Niagara Career and Technical Education Centers we have agreements with a number of colleges that will award either advanced studies credits or articulation credit for our programs.  An advanced study credit is where students will pay tuition to that school at usually one-third of the cost (around $145 a course).  The student will get a grade with the school seal on it.  The student can then go to any college and show the transcript to get credit for it without paying an additional cost.  Almost all New York State colleges will accept BOCES' programs for credit. 

    For more information contact:

    Joe Steinmetz 1-716-731-6800, extension: 4447 or