Blind and Visually Impaired Services


Orleans/Niagara BOCES' Teachers of the Visually Impaired students, work as part of an educational team to promote learning and independence within the education setting. 

We believe that with appropriate instruction and adaptations all students can reach their highest level of independence. 

Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments

Our New York State certified teachers are knowledgeable in all aspects of visual functioning.  We understand the implications of visual impairment on academic functioning, socialization and life skills.  Working as part of the educational team consisting of students, teachers and parents, we will identify student needs, and provide appropriate remediation and educational program support - providing individualized educational services for students' varying abilities. 

We provide services to students whose visual functioning adversely affects their educational program.  These students may be totally blind, have low vision, or have visual processing difficulties. 

Educational Vision Program Services

  • Prepare students to meet the New York State Education Standards.
  • Develop adaptations, strategic instruction and techniques to compensate for visual and/or processing difficulties.
  • Provide information and resources for technology and specialized equipment. 
  • Enhance visual efficiency through specially designed programs.
  • Work with parents and schools to develop an understanding of students' visual needs. 
  • Establish liaison support between medical professionals, family and community services.
  • Offer access to the curriculum through Braille, large print and auditory media.
  • Provide assessment services to determine if educational vision services are appropriate. 

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For further information please contact:
Paulette Hamilton
Royalton Hartland Learning Center
1-716-731-6800, extension: 4269