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    Virtual Field Trips (VFTs)
    For more information about VFTs please call or email Laird Burkett
    1-716-731-6800 ext 3728

    What is a Virtual Field Trip?
    Through the use of video conferencing equipment your class can connect with virtual field trip providers from all over the world. The video conferencing equipment can be connected to a TV, projector, or interactive whiteboard at your school. The programs are in real-time so students can see, hear, and interact with a presenter who may be on the other side of the country. Many Zoos, Aquariums, Museums, and other educational organizations offer these virtual programs. Video conferencing allows students to have amazing educational opportunities that they may never have otherwise experienced.

    What do you need to do to schedule a Virtual Field Trip?
    If your district is participating in the Distance Learning Co-ser and you would like to request a Virtual Field Trip please search the CILC Database or review the list of VFT providers below. Decide which program you would like to request. Then print your school's VFT request form, fill it out, get an authorized signature, and fax to (716)731-4134 or email it to Laird Burkett at lburkett@onboces.org.

    *NOTE* BOCES takes care of the scheduling and the billing for all VFTs. When reviewing the different VFT provider programs, please do not register with the organization directly. We would like to make sure all billing info provided to the organization is correct. We will send you our video conferencing equipment to loan if your school does not have its own.

    Many providers require reservations be made two - three weeks in advance. Popular seasonal programs fill up quickly!

    Download your district's VFT Request Form Here



    Virtual Field Trip Providers

    Go to www.CILC.org (Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration)
    Check out this
     online database with over 200  video conference providers:

    Once you login to the site enter a topic or a specific organization in the search engine to find related programs! 
    You can use the generic username and password below OR create your own CILC account to browse the database.

    Generic CILC Login:
    Username: onboces
    Password:  onboces


    These are just a few examples of the Providers that offer Virtual Field Trips!


    The Arts:                                       
    Broadway Speakers Bureau - These seminars share information about non-performance careers in the arts (producing, general management, marketing, press, stage management, etc.) with schools around the country.
    Cleveland Museum of Art view art and artifacts from around the world
    Center for Puppetry Arts - Students learn about science, social studies, or language arts while constructing their own puppets 
    Smithsonian American Art Museum - America's first federal art collection, dedicated to the enjoyment and understanding of American art. The museum celebrates the extraordinary creativity of our country's artists, whose works are windows on the American experience.

    Manhattan School of Music
     - offers a wide range of programs and classes in music instruction, general music, masterclasses & coachings, audition preparation, professional development & academic seminars, and standards-based interdisciplinary offerings in classical and jazz music. These diverse offerings address the needs of learners from beginning to advanced levels. 
    Cleveland Institute of Music - Has a full array of programs and courses in music and a series of interdisciplinary units that address proficiency skills in science, math, language arts, and social studies.                         

    English Language Arts:
    Paley Center for Media - (Formerly The Museum of Television & Radio) - Programs offer a variety of different topics related to the history of television and media                       

    Health, Physical Education, Family and Consumer Science:
    The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum - many subject areas
    Cleveland Museum of Natural History -
    Health Education Programs Available!

    Languages other than English:
    Center for Puppetry Arts - The Center offers programs in French!

    Math, Science and Technology:

    Aquarium of the Pacific - Long Beach California Aquarium 
    Buffalo Zoo - (Many Programs Available) Offers a two part program with the second session as a free physical visit to the zoo! In the first video conference session, students learn how to make enrichment tools for designated species of animals. They are then able to give these items that they created to the animals on their actual visit to the zoo and watch how the animals react! Other video conference programs are also offered.
    Center for Puppetry Arts - Students learn about science, social studies, or language arts while constructing their own puppets 
    COSI Science - Witness live autopsies or a surgical knee replacement!
    Discovery Center of Springfield
     - students interact with a science expert while doing hands-on activities.
    Mote Marine Laboratory - Learn about sea turtles, Manatees, coral reef, sharks and much more from right inside the tank! Discover what its like to become a marine biologist! 
    The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum - many subject areas
    SERC - Smithsonian Environmental Research Center - Talk with expert scientists and educators from venues such as beaches, docks, research vessels, and forests! Venture into places where on-site visitors seldom are permitted to go!

    Social Studies:
    Ellis Island National Monument

    Historically Speaking - Learn about Ben's entire life with a live program at your school or a video conference!
    Holocaust Memorial & Tolerance Center - Interact with real survivors of the Holocaust!
    National Parks Services - Check out programs from National Parks all over the country.   
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