Emotional Wellness Screening

  • Orleans/Niagara BOCES again is participating in a statewide Emotional Wellness Screening Program to promote early identification of emotional health issues in children and adolescents.  This screening is important because emotional health issues can affect how well a child does in school, family relationships, and ability to make friends.  By identifying emotional issues early, this program can help parents/guardians and their children obtain the support they may need


    A professional from the Mental Health Department will conduct the free, confidential screening.  This is accomplished by having your child answer written questions on an answer sheet and handing it in to the screener, who will score it and provide the results to you.  The screening will be conducted during regular school hours and is expected to take about 15 minutes.  The screening will help to decide if your child may have an emotional health issue that would benefit from a more thorough assessment.  Your child’s participation is voluntary and it also requires your written consent.  Your child may decide not to answer any question asked and may withdraw from the screening at any time.


    The results of the screening are confidential and only will go to the screener and parent/guardian.  The results will NOT be shared with the school or anyone else without prior, written consent of the parent/guardian.  If your child is recommended for a comprehensive assessment or services, you will be given a list of possible steps that you can take and where to get services should you choose to do so.


     If you have any questions about the screening or other available services, please feel free to call Crystal Campbell, Clinic Therapist, Orleans County Mental Health Clinic (585-589-2828).


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