CoSer Information

  • The Orleans/ Niagara BOCES School Library System has two new CoSers available to component districts.  These CoSers provide aidable services to participating Districts.

    Itinerant Librarian (CoSer 351):

    This service provides a certified, part-time librarian for requesting member districts. The librarian who is hired will manage the needs of the library, collaborate with teachers, and work with students.

    Orleans/ Niagara staff will post the position, recruit, appoint, and orient the individual to the position. In addition, BOCES staff will supervise and evaluate the librarian with the input of the building principals. BOCES will administer all payroll and other budgetary matters related to this itinerant position.

    This is an aidable CoSer


    Library Resources – Online Databases (CoSer 565);

    On-line Information Resources (COSER 565) provides subscribers with access to a variety of comprehensive full text and/or indexed reference databases that complement the K-12 curriculum. Up-to-date resources improve student research through successful searching strategies. Students are able to select the type of information required to meet their needs in a range of formats (citations, abstracts, full-text documents and page-image documents).

    In order to purchase these subscriptions through this CoSer, a district must subscribe to the base service which is  an 8% administrative fee on the total database purchase.  This service includes: assistance and guidance with selection and purchase of resources to meet specific instructional needs, the development of instructional objectives, and meet with representatives for consortium pricing models.

    Vendors and pricing are available through the School Library System.

    Example subscriptions may include (not limited to):

    ABC-CLIO Social Studies, Newsbank, EBSCOHost, Facts on File, Gale Collection - Student Resource Center: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Junior, etc., Grolier’s, MAPS101, NY Times, ProQuest SIRS, and World Book

     This is an aidable CoSer

    Database Purchases

    Every spring the SLS sends out a list of the titles purchased by each school that year along with the option to change, add, or delete subscriptions. These forms must be returned to the School Library System and to your schools designated purchaser.


    If you have any questions about purchasing databases, which databases are covered, and pricing,

    please call 716-731-6800 ext 3751 or 3750


     Below is a digest of our most popular databases. This is not a comprehensive list- please call or e-mail the SLS with questions about other databases and pricing. 


    All Available Databases 2017 - 2018



    -          BrainPOP

    -          BrainPOP Jr.

    -          BrainPOP ESL

    Capstone Press



    -          PebbleGo Animals

    -          PebbleGo Biography

    -          PebbleGo Earth & Science

    -          PebbleGo Social Studies

    Defined Learning

    Click on individual product for information.



           Defined STEM

    Discovery Education




    -          Discovery Education Steaming

    -          Discovery Education Streaming PLUS

    -          Power Media PLUS


    Click on individual product for information.

    ABC-CLIO Products:

    -          African-American Experience

    -          American Government

    -          American History

    -          American Indian Experience

    -          Daily Life Through History

    -          Issues: Understanding Controversy & Society

    -          Latino American Experience


    Magill on Literature Plus

    -          Modern Genocide

    -          Pop Culture Universe


    Science Reference Center


    Modern Genocide: Understanding Causes & Consequences

    -          United States Geography

    -          World at War: Understanding Conflict & Society

    -          World Geography: Understanding a Changing World

    -          World History: Modern Era


    World History: Ancient & Medieval Eras

    FactCite: Lincoln Library




    -          Sports Champions, grades 4-12                                             

    -          Greek & Roman Mythology, grades 4-12                             

    -          Shapers of Society, grades 5-12                                            

    -          Biographies, grades 4-12                                           

    -          American History, grades 4-12                                  

    -          Essential Information, grades 6-12

    -          Biography for Beginners, grades 2-8


    Facts on File /  Infobase Learning

    Click on individual products for information. 


    -      Isssues and Controversies

    -          Today's Science

    -          Ancient and Medieval History and Culture

    -          Health Reference Center 

    Gale Cengage Learning 

    Click on individual products for information. 


    -        Biography in Context

    -          Global Issues in Context

    -          Literature Criticism Online

    -          Global Issues in Context

    -          U.S. History in Context

    -          World History in Context

    -          Science in Context

    -      Student Resources in Context

    Grolier / Scholastic

    Click on individual product for information.



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