Emergency Planning & Response

    • The safety of the school environment where your children spend much of their day is our top priority. And while emergencies happen randomly in time and place, Orleans/Niagara BOCES attempts to handle them efficiently by having school action plans in place with an informed and trained staff. A risk analysis of our schools has been conducted to identify the most probable types of emergency situations and appropriate safety plans developed.

    • Our schools implement standard procedures in the event of an incident with defined courses of action for teachers, students and public safety agencies. Depending on the type of emergency, our response could include evacuation, lockdown, relocation to previously designated safe havens, or a modification of any of the above options. In every event, our primary objective is to ensure the safety of our students and staff. Our administrators are trained to remain flexible, to make situation-appropriate decisions, and to wisely and effectively use available crisis management tools.

    • Our plans are continuously updated to look at all credible threats and we have coordinated and practiced our response with other emergency response agencies. School and District-Wide crisis plans are not available for public distribution. Please understand the necessity for us to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of these plans for the safety of our students and staff.

    • However, parents and guardians also have a role when an incident occurs. The following guides provide basic guidance on what the school is doing and what actions, if any, you should do. Please familiarize yourself with these procedures and discuss with your children where appropriate.

    • In addition, the Links & Resource and Better Prepared at Home sections provide additional information on these topics for you to review and share with your family.

    • Please call your child's school if you have questions.