Safety Risk Management Library

  • DVD library materials are available and can be obtained by contacting your Safety Risk Specialist 716-731-6800 Ext. 2240 or via e-mail by contacting Nancy Mattus at


    DVD 1             Bloodborne Pathogens - School Teachers

    DVD 2             Bloodborne Pathogens for Public School Teachers

    DVD 3             Hazard Communications for Administration & Teachers

    DVD 4             Right-To-Know – Custodians/Maintenance

    DVD 5             Asbestos Awareness Do Not Disturb

    DVD 6             Survive Inside:  Employee Safety In Confined Spaces

    DVD 7             To The Point About Confined Space Entry

    DVD 8             2005 Electric Partition

    DVD 9             2005 Electric Partition – Have 2 copies of this tape

    DVD 10          Fire Extinguisher Training And Use

    DVD 11          Forklift Safety Training

    DVD 12          Ladder Safety Updated

    DVD 13          More High-Impact Lockout/Tagout Safety Training Graphic Version

    DVD 14          More High-Impact Lockout/Tagout Safety Training Concise Graphic Version

    DVD 15          Preventing Slips and Falls on School Property

    DVD 16          Winter Walking:  Safe Walking in Hazardous Conditions

    DVD 17          Disruptive False Fire Alarms can cost you time, money, trouble and even lives

    DVD 18          Preventing, Trip, and Slip Injuries – 5 minutes