SWANK k12 Streaming Icon and Overview

  • Swank's Streaming Video collection includes thousands of movies: popular films, documentaries, and educational classics. The Swank platform allows teachers to access and share movies in the classroom and directly with students. With Swank, teachers can even assign movies for students to watch independently at home.

    • Eliminates the need for DVD players in classrooms
    • Enables streaming access for districts blocking personal streaming sites
    • Extends the classroom with connectivity to any LMS (i.e. Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology, etc.)
    • Streamlines access with single sign-on integration

Discover How K-12 Streaming Works

  • Swank K-12 Streaming makes it easy for teachers to incorporate movies and documentaries into lesson plans. Whether your school is planning for virtual or remote learning, in-person instruction or hybrid classrooms, K-12 Streaming allows every student instant access to films for education. 


    1. Start with our Curated Collections

      Choose from three pre-set collections featuring the most frequently used films for education:

      • Elementary Collection
      • Middle/High School Collection
      • District Collection


    1. Submit Custom Title Requests to Add Additional Films

      While our curated collections should be the majority of films your school will need, we understand teachers are creative and new films become available throughout the year. That’s why teachers can search through thousands of films to identify additional movies to add to your collection throughout the year.


How to Access SWANK

  • Access SWANK 24/7 through your district's teacher portal!


    1. Find your district's teacher portal on this Google Document.  

    2. Login in using your school district's Google or Microsoft account. 


Explore Collections and Categories

SWANK Resources

  • Students

    • Students access Swank movies via a link from their teacher. This can be a direct link that is sent or a code that is shared on the school's LMS. These links will give students access only to that specific title- students cannot see the full movie library.


    • Teachers access Swank via ClassLink, Google, or Office365. 
    • Within the Swank platform, teachers can search for movies, request access to additional titles, and get links to share streaming videos directly with students.