Allied Health

  • LOCATION:  Medina Memorial Hospital                                                    

     Instructor:  Lisa MacEvoy


    LOCATION:  Lockport High School (AM) and Eastern Niagara Hospital - Newfane Hospital  (PM)                                               

    Instructor:  Melissa Streckewald


    LOCATION:  Niagara Falls Memorial Hospital                               

    Instructor:   Lisa Trapasso


    Students in this program gain firsthand knowledge of current and emerging career opportunities in health care.  Students combine one or two years of secondary education with collegiate educations.  The hospital based classroom at either Lockport High School/Eastern Niagara Hospital-Newfane, Medina Memorial Hospital or Niagara Falls Memorial Hospital allows for shadowing and internship experiences and provides the students with experience to make informed decisions regarding their health profession and college choices. 

    Students begin with learning the fundamental knowledge and professional behavior required to work in the health care field.  They are encouraged to explore and experience a variety of health professions through shadowing experiences.  Once students identify a particular area of interest, they are matched with a mentor and assigned an internship.  Mentors are practicing  health care professionals who are willing to share their experience and expertise.  The teacher works closely with the students, parents/guardians, home school and mentor in setting up and following through with individualized internships. 

    This program also assists students with the transition to college.  Students take field trips to a variety of local colleges and universities where majors and course work are discussed in relation to particular health care professions. 


    1. To create a knowledge base for students to build on.
    2. Fostering familiarity and confidence for the health care environment.
    3. Using experience based decision making in a health care profession, college, major that the student is best suited for. 


    • Career Opportunites in Health Care
    • Medical Ethics
    • Communication/Interpersonal Skills
    • Medical Terminology
    • Infection Control
    • Asepsis and Microbiology
    • Anatomy and Physiology
    • Patient Care Skills
    • Math & Science Principles
    • Public Health Care Policies
    • First Aid & Emergency Care Technology
    • Team Work and Problem Solving



    Advanced Studies and Articulations Agreements

    At the Orleans and Niagara Career and Technical Education Centers we have agreements with a number of schools that will award either advanced studies credit or articulation credit for our programs. 

    An advanced studies credit is where the student will pay a tuition to that school which is usually around two-thirds of the cost. (Off the actual cost or around $145.00 per course) The student will get a grade with the school seal on it. The student can go to any college and show the transcript and get credit for it.

    The articulation credit can only be used at that school and there is no cost involved.

    Bryant and Stratton

    AHLT100 - Medical Terms (3 credits)

    AHLT111 - Introduction to Health Care (3 credits)

    INFT111 - Intro to Information Technology (3 credits)

    OSFT100 - Keyboard and Document Processing (3 credits)

    Genesee Community College

    FYE100 - First Year Experience (3 credits)

    HED107 - Community CPR (3 credits)

    HED204 - Healthful Living (3 credits)

    HED205 - Safety and First Aid (3 credits)

    Niagara Community College

     HED 201 - Healthful Living

    Niagara University

    NuStep Bio 101 Intro to Biology 


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