Automotive Technology

  • Location: Orleans Career and Technical Education Center
    Location: Niagara Career and Technical Education Center

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    Click on the link to watch our students in action: Orleans Automotive Technology Video or Niagara Automotive Technology Video

    Automotive Technology is a two year program open to all students in their junior and senior years.  The program is designed to help prepare the student who wants to enter the automotive field in an independent repair facility, a new or used car dealership, a fleet maintenance repair shop or parts distribution facility.  This program is ASE certified. 


    1. To prepare students for entry into the automotive field.
    2. To develop safe work habits.
    3. To orient students in the shop environment.
    4. To promote proper use of tools and equipment.
    5. To develop the ability to apply technical information to task assigned.
    6. To attain skills needed for the proper diagnosis of vehicle problems and to make needed repairs.
    7. To develop good work habits needed to acquire employment.
    8. To help the student acquire job seeking skills needed to find employment within the automotive field.

    Units of Study

    Safety in the Workplace, Automobile & Auto Systems, Careers and Employment, Tools and Equipment, Measurement, Fasteners, Vehicle Maintenance, NYS Inspection, Gas and MIG Welding, Brake Systems, Suspension, Steering and Wheel Alignment, Basic Engine Theory and Repair, Basic Electrical, Lighting and Accessories, Batteries, Starting and Charging Systems, Computer Systems, Ignition Systems, Fuel Systems and Emission Systems.

    How to Enroll

    Orleans/Niagara BOCES partners with local school districts to provide exciting hands-on career and technical training during normal school day.  To learn more, speak with your high school counselor.

    NYS Approved Program Title & CIP Code

    Automobile/Automotive Mechanics Technology/Technician – 47.0604

    Possible Career Paths

    • With a 2 year CTE program: Automotive Technician, increased demand 6%*
    • Associate’s Degree: Master Technician, increased demand 6%*
    • Bachelor’s Degree: Automotive Engineer, increased demand 9%*

    *Projected national growth for 2016-2026, US Bureau of Labor Statistics

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