Building Trades

  • Location:  Orleans Career and Technical Education Center

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    Building Trades is a two year program open to all students in their junior or senior year.  This program is designed to prepare students to enter directly into the construction field or continue their education at a post-secondary level.  Students build small projects and also work as a team to build full-scale projects in the career center.  Students will also use their skills to work on service projects in the local community.  Learn the fundamentals of residential carpentry and participate in the construction of a new house on site, as well as learn the skills to rehabilitation an existing house.  Gain experience in wall, ceiling and roof framing, exterior finishing, trimming, windows and doors, insulation and floor systems


    1. To develop skills in the use of tools and equipment common to a carpenter, mason and plumber.
    2. To develop an understanding of common structures, their parts and relationships to each other.
    3. To develop an understanding of the theoretical aspects of carpentry, masonry and plumbing.
    4. To develop positive work habits which include responsibility, following instructions and the ability to work with others.
    5. To develop job seeking/employability skills necessary to succeed in the working world

    Units of Study

    Rough Framing, Finish Carpentry, Plumbing, Exterior Finishes, Interior Finishes, Energy Efficiency/Home Performance, Insulation & Air Sealing, Jobsite Safety, Power Tools, Estimating, Print Reading, Masonry and Heavy Equipment. 

    How to Enroll

    Orleans/Niagara BOCES partners with local school districts to provide exciting hands-on career and technical training during normal school day.  To learn more, speak with your high school counselor.

    NYS Approved Program Title & CIP Code

    Carpentry/Carpenter – 46.0201

    Possible Career Paths

    • With a 2 year CTE program: Carpenter, increased demand 8%*
    • Associate’s Degree: Construction Manager, increased demand 11%*
    • Bachelor’s Degree: Civil Engineer, increased demand 11%*

    *Projected national growth for 2016-2026, US Bureau of Labor Statistics

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